NWLSRA Referee Policies



1. Weekend schedule is based on availability of referees that weekend.

2. It is the responsibility of each referee to provide availability to the assignor via the specified

assigning website.


3. If a referee is called for availability, the referee will be used to fill in scheduling holes.


1. We all have things that occur unexpectedly that can change availability, but you must let the assignor know as soon as this happens.

2. Do not wait until the weekend schedule is posted to say that you can no longer work. This late canceling means a reworking of the schedule and affects the schedule of many of the other referees.


1. Any referee who fails to show up for an assigned game, without contacting the referee assignor at least one day (24 hours) in advance, will not be paid for that game, but will also be denied game assignments for the following week/weekend.

2. Emergencies, injuries, and illnesses within that 24 hours will be evaluated on an individual basis, so always notify the assignor if an emergency arises. If possible, call before the assignor leaves for the field. If this is not possible, always leave a message on the answering machine or if at all possible get a message out to the field.


1. When you have your uniform shirt on, you must be in complete uniform!!! This means the shirt must be tucked in and socks pulled up. If you do not wish to do this, wait to put on the referee shirt until you are ready to take the field.

2. During cold weather you may wear a black long sleeve shirt under your referee shirt. You may also wear black pants but be sure to also wear your shorts and socks in case the weather warms up.

3. Caps are permitted as long as they are black in color and worn properly.

4. When observing other games, you may not wear your uniform shirt. This can confuse the referee of that game if a quick glance is taken and he/she mistakes you for the assistant referee of that game. This could result in missed offsides or even worse a serious foul! So, be sure to always have something to wear instead of or over your shirt if you will be on the sidelines of other games.


There is an association membership dues withheld from each referee's first pay of each season. This currently is $7 or $10 per season depending on the referee's age.

Each referee must renew their USSF license each year.


1. Arrival time should be at least 30 minutes prior to your first game of the day.

2. Check master schedule to see if there has been any scheduling changes.

3. Initial by your name for each scheduled game.

4. Pick up game cards for the games that you are the center referee.

5. Go to your field -- Remember game time means kickoff time! So, you must do your pre-game instructions and inspections at least 10 minutes before that time.

6. Due to the tight scheduling of games, do not stop time for minor injuries.

7. Be sure you do not get sidetracked and take a half-time longer than 5 minutes for this same reason!

8. At the end of your schedule, return to the referee office and place all completed game cards in the proper box.

9. If you have any questions or problems, see the assignor, CABOSA Rep, or a senior referee.

10. There will be NO game or position swapping without permission of the assignor.


The rain out number 673-7755 (Spar rainout number) or our website.

If the games are canceled, the information will be on the SPAR answering machine. Do not assume that games are canceled just because the weather is bad. This decision is made by CABOSA for their association's games.



The weekend schedule will normally be posted on Thursday night but occasionally as late as Friday on the assigning website.


Let the assignor know which team you are currently playing with, so that you are not scheduled to referee during that time. You must also block the time you are unavailable for your scheduled games. Be sure to include time for warm up and time to rest and change after your game.

Be sure and let the assignor know of any teams you should not be assigned to work, such as siblings' teams or parents' coaching a team. Although during a shortage, you may be asked to work these games.


Referees will be assigned games based upon their skill level, game experience, availability, and scheduling needs.

Request for game level upgrades should be brought to the attention of the referee assignor.

Game level upgrades will be based on the following:

1) Evaluations by senior officials--control of game, foul recognition, use of assistant referees, use of the diagonal system, keeping up with play, and other skills.

2) Your availability--how often you sign up to work. Do you work every weekend you can or only once in a while when the mood hits you.

3) Game experience--number of games you have worked in the past. Are you a referee who has worked three seasons but only refereed 20 games during that time or one who has worked three seasons but have refereed over 120 games.

4) Number of times you turn down assignments at the last minute.

5) Number of times you arrive late to the field.

6) Professional appearance--if you walk around or referee looking sloppy, shirt tail hanging out or sock pushed down.

7) Professional presence on the field--do you deliver calls with authority, talk to coaches and parents with authority but also with respect. Do you look like you are interested in the game?

All the above information will be reviewed at a board meeting and a decision concerning the individual's upgrade in game level will be made by the board.

The most important thing to remember is all ages deserve quality referees. Worry more about doing a good job not what age division you are working!



1. Always fill out the card completely.

2. Be sure to make note on the back of the card of any problems or comments that you have concerning that game. Be specific with your remarks. For example, state the name or team color of the coach, not just the coach; the red coach was rude--explain exactly what he did or did not do; the visiting parents yelled--what did they yell--obscenities, threats, criticisms or just general remarks. If a serious incident occurs, you may also need to complete a CABOSA formal complaint form.

3. Game cards are to be turned in before you leave for the day in the box in the referee office. The exception to this is during tournaments, where game card will be turned in after each game in accordance with procedures established by the tournament assignor/committee.



1. Meetings are held regularly during soccer season.

2. Dates for the meetings are on the referee website.


3. According to Article IV, section 3 of our by-laws, in order to maintain membership of our association, referees must attend “at least 4 NWLSRA meetings and/or training sessions annually.”




1. Pay will be distributed at the end of each meeting.

2. Attendance of the complete meeting is required to receive your pay.

3. Questions concerning your pay should be directed to the association's treasurer.